30,000 websites are hacked daily across the globe. And 64% of companies worldwide have experienced at least one cyber attack. Cyber criminals target a wide range of tech such as websites, mobile phones, and computers. Unsurprisingly, they’re also known to target EPoS systems

If a hacker were to gain access to your EPoS, it would give them access to all the information they need to clone cards, harming your business reputation and putting your staff and customers at risk. It’s vital to keep it secure. Here are six ways to increase your EPoS system’s security.

Keep everything updated

This means ensuring your system is up to date and all you have all the most recent patches. It’s easy to think “I’ll do that later”, but “later” might be too late. 

Since patch updates are announced publicly, the world knows the system has a vulnerability. To use a real example, the WannaCry attack that brought the NHS to its knees, costing just under £6 million, could have been prevented if they had installed the latest patch update.

Use end-to-end encryption 

With encryption tools, even if a cyber criminal steals card information from your EPoS, they won’t be able to make sense of it. Encryption tools disguise credit card information the moment the EPoS system receives it. It’s then encrypted again when that information is sent to the software’s server. 

Use two-factor authentication

99.9% of automated attacks are blocked when you use two-factor authentication. This adds another layer to your security, requiring a code sent to your email or phone. It’s much harder for cyber criminals to access this instant information.

But you shouldn’t rely on this alone. You should ensure all your passwords are complex and change them regularly. It’s recommended to change them every 60-90 days. But we like to err on the side of caution. Therefore, we recommend updating passwords every 30 days.

Never connect to Wi-Fi that isn’t your own

Connecting your EPoS to public Wi-Fi makes it so simple for a hacker to intercept. If possible, ensure your Wi-Fi is WPA3, as this is the most secure. If you’re able to take your EPoS out with you, say on an iPad to an external event, don’t feel you have to connect to anything. Find an option that can work offline as well as it does online.

Consult an expert

Regularly conducting checks of your EPoS is a great idea, but an expert always knows best. Look to seek advice from someone with a lot of experience with these system. They can regularly conduct vulnerability assessments on your EPoS to ensure it’s secure. 

Regularly backup your data 

The sad reality is you can never be completely protected from cyber criminals, so it’s important to have a back up plan. Backing up your data via the cloud ensures that if you do fall victim to an attack, you can get back up on your feet much quicker. 

The importance of ensuring you increase your EPoS system’s security cannot be understated. For the sake of protecting your customers, staff, and business, a secure EPoS should be your top priority. On the 9th of September at the Charity Retail Association Conference, we’ll be launching CHARiot Web – a secure, cloud-based EPoS system that helps keep you as secure as possible.

Ready to protect your business? If you have any questions about CHARiot Web, or if you have any general security questions, get in touch with us on 01204 706 000.