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EPoS systems

Cloud-based vs traditional EPoS systems: which is more secure?

Choosing an EPoS system is a big decision for many businesses. There are many factors to consider, such as reporting features, payment methods, and ease of use. But what about security? Cyber attacks are rife and saw a sharp increase over the…
keep your charity secure

6 tips to keep your charity secure

The pandemic wreaked havoc in many areas of our lives. And one particularly worrying trend we saw was a huge increase in cyber crime. Just last year, 26% of charities fell victim to a cyber attack, proving no one is safe. It's essential to…
ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks: three modern examples and what you should do

Ransomware attacks are a particular variety of malicious cyber attacks. Whereas some prefer to operate in the background and would rather you didn’t notice, ransomware isn’t quite so shy. If you’ve been hit, you’ll know it. As the name…
remote working

Quiz: Is your remote working set up secure?

Since April 2020, almost half of all British citizens have worked from home in some capacity. It’s no surprise then that, during that time, there was an 800% surge in cyber attacks. That link is no coincidence - our home set-ups aren’t as…

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