Cyber Security

At the most basic level a cyber attack is an attempt to steal customer and employee data, though significantly more dangerous and disruptive attacks can take place and the individuals behind these threats are becoming more sophisticated in their approach. Cyber security measures work to stop access to your systems and files but staying a few steps ahead and should be an on-going process rather than a one time thing.

Have you considered the financial or reputational impact of a data breach on your business? What would your customers think if their personal data was taken from your data stores? Would you know if a data breach had occurred and could you identify the customers that were affected?

In addition to reputational and financial impact, new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) rules impose stricter conditions on the management of data, and more significant fines should the worst happen.

With more business done digitally, more revenues via online sources and a huge increase in personal data being held online, cyber security should be a priority for all businesses.