About Nisyst

We are leading providers of technology solutions to everyday business problems. With considerable experience in the EPoS and Charity Retail markets, we have been providing innovative and unique tech solutions for decades. From writing the programme that manages efficiency in NHS GP Surgeries to developing software for Fujifilm’s 1hr photo development system, our engineering team have been at the forefront of the UK’s tech scene for over 20 years.

Nisyst Cyber Security, part of the Nisyst group of businesses, are solution providers. We are a team of engineers who pride ourselves on identifying a problem and creating the most appropriate, efficient and effective solution.

Having delivered cyber security solutions for a number of our existing clients, we became aware of the level of confusion, misunderstanding and lack of adequate preparation among the business community. Our solution aims to offer a simple and sensible approach to minimising risk.

Our Blog

Our experience in the field of cyber security affords us an insight into the ever-evolving world of online security and we like to share some of our views and opinions in our blog.